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Thursday 06 May 2021 - 13h00

Hélène Moore appointed Head of Ethypharm Digital Therapy with responsibility for building a European Leader in this innovative field.

One month after the acquisition of the exclusive rights for two innovative digital therapies in the Central Nervous System, deprexis® and vorvida® , Ethypharm announces the establishment of a new business unit, Ethypharm Digital Therapy SAS, and the appointment of Hélène Moore as Executive Vice-President (EVP) and Head of the entity.
Focused in the areas of Central Nervous System (CNS) and Critical care, Ethypharm has taken a major strategic step with the addition of clinical digital therapies to its group portfolio. Bertrand Deluard, CEO of Ethypharm said “Digital therapies have reached clinical relevance. Meanwhile, COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of healthcare and patients’ lives. It is opening the door to a better acceptance and dissemination of digital therapies. Ethypharm always strives to provide the best therapeutic solutions to patients and their physicians. The partnership with GAIA, a pioneer in digital health, is our first step to provide access to these disruptive innovations. We now have to be efficient and to ensure access to people in need in a timely manner.”

The dedicated new entity, Ethypharm Digital Therapy SAS (EDT), has been set up in order to achieve these objectives. EDT will quickly grow and bring together "digital therapy-specific expertise” in medical affairs, market access, digital medical devices, as well as an understanding of DTx marketing and technologies. The entity will receive support from the rest of the group, in research and development for example. The team will develop the clinical acceptance of the innovative approach to digital therapies, the understanding and adoption by health authorities, prescribers, and patients.

Entrepreneurship, experience in business life sciences, ambition and energy are needed to realise EDT’s ambition of becoming a European leader in CNS digital therapies. Ethypharm has appointed Hélène Moore as head of its new entity (EDT). As an experienced executive of both large and small life science companies combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a well-rounded commercial and corporate development skills, Hélène Moore, EVP and Head of Ethypharm Digital Therapy SAS has accepted the challenge. “I am delighted and humbled to lead this new Ethypharm endeavour and looking forward to surrounding myself with talented people who will make EDT a success story for Ethypharm. With digital therapies, we are clearly in the future of healthcare and I strongly believe in the relevance of these innovations.” she said.

Depression will be the first focus. Several years ago, the European commission identified depression and depression-related problems among the most pressing public health concerns. They account for more than 7% of all estimated ill health and premature mortality in Europe. deprexis® is an online digital therapy using cognitive behavioural therapy-based techniques for patients suffering from mild to severe depression or depressive symptoms. deprexis® has been subjected to 12 randomized controlled trials gathering almost 2,900 patients with depressive symptoms or depressive disorders (i.e. major depressive disorder, dysthymia). The solution obtained reimbursement from health authorities in Germany few months ago.

The global Digital Therapeutics market size is expected to be worth US$ 29.1 billion by 2030, according to a report by Vision Research Reports released few days ago.

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